Empowered Care
Experienced Doctors, Innovative Programs, Family-Friendly Facilities
Our vision and passion at ʻEkahi Health is to connect you and your family with the highest quality health care available on Oahu. To accomplish this, we’ve brought together some of the top performing doctors and specialists in Hawaii, as well as a nationally recognized and scientifically proven comprehensive lifestyle program—all together in one dynamic group to better serve you and your family.

This truly is our family taking care of yours.

This is Empowered Care.
Central Medical Clinic (CMC)
We are proud to have Oahu’s largest, highest quality, multispecialty clinic in the ʻEkahi Health family, Central Medical Clinic, who has over 65 years of experience serving the people of Hawaii.

Our CMC doctors have a tried and true history of putting their patients first—doing whatever it takes to make sure the families, keiki, and kupuna they are providing care for have the highest quality attention possible.
Our Physicians
You can find these doctors and specialists at the main Central Medical Clinic location in the Kuakini Medical Plaza, as well the Central Medical Clinic Surgery location in our newly renovated ʻEkahi Health Center at Restaurant Row.
ʻEkahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine
We are thrilled to be the very first organization in the state of Hawaii to offer the nation’s first scientifically proven program that reverses the effects of heart disease and other chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and even depression!

ʻEkahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, located in the ʻEkahi Health Center at Restaurant Row, brings Dr. Ornish’s Program For Reversing Heart Disease™ to the islands in a fresh, newly-designed facility, operated by a professional and energetic group of specialists who are passionate to help the people of Hawaii take the first step to a healthier tomorrow.
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This program incorporates over 35 years of research, in collaboration with leading academic institutions, and is now covered for qualified participants by HMSA & Medicare.

Learn more about this amazing program that is bringing back health, vitality, and life to our local families!
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