Transforming Your Health Care
Transforming Your Health Care
One organization… putting you back in charge of your health 

Care for You, Your Keiki, and Kupuna 

At Central Medical Clinic, our physicians and specialists empower you and your ohana with the highest quality care possible on Oahu.

Reverse the Effects of Heart Disease

Scientifically proven 9-week program that prevents chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and even depression!

Better Manage Your Diabetes

Our clinic partners with you and your physician to provide comprehensive support, education, and the resources you need to manage your diabetes…all under one roof.
Quality Care
for You & Your Family

Experienced Health Care Providers

Access a team of Oahu’s top performing physicians and specialists…all working together for you

Innovative Programs

Comprehensive lifestyle programs to help you better manage chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes

New Family-Friendly Facilities

Experience personalized care in warm, inviting environments utilizing the best in health care technology
"My triglycerides were off the charts - they dropped 300 points. My cholesterol was chopped in half from 230 to 90 or so. I think I had a total of 8 pills a day - that went down to zero. ʻEkahi Ornish dramatically changed how I perceive living a better quality of life."
Scott Fujieda
"The staff at ʻEkahi Wellness is so positive, and the advice has helped me develop better eating habits. My A1Cs are down to 6.3 now, and I’m hoping to get them under 6.0."
Roy Spencer
While standard health care works by acting-when-called-upon, we believe healthy living is about so much more.

And it saddens us to see so many of our island family living below the quality of life available, simply because they’re unaware of what life could be.

The truth is that the health care industry can be a bit of a nightmare. 

It's easy to feel lost and anxious, wondering if you’re getting the highest quality care or if your family’s health is just dollar signs. 

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You should be confident, knowing that you and your family’s health matter and that the care your receiving is empowering you to live life to the fullest.

Here at ‘Ekahi, we’ve been privileged to serve the families of Hawaii for over 70 years. Many of our physicians are consistently named the best in our State, and HMSA recently rated our Central Medical Clinic as the highest performing and highest quality clinic in Hawaii. 

We pride ourselves in knowing our local culture and continue to grow in our experience of how to best serve our kama’aina, leading us to develop Empowered Care.
What is Empowered Care?
Our commitment to caring for you in the best way possible has caused us to expand our organization into three different branches… Central Medical Clinic, ‘Ekahi Ornish, and ‘Ekahi Wellness.

Each of these plays a unique role in ensuring the health needs of our community are covered, but each also shares the same philosophy of Empowered Care.

In a nutshell, Empowered Care places you at the center of your health care experience.

No longer are you fumbling about in the dark... simply being told where your health is at, what meds you need to take or what needs to change in order to get back on track.

Instead, you are educated and equipped to take control of your own health, becoming responsible for your own wellbeing and happiness.

Our teams of expert physicians and support staff... 
licensed PT’s and nutritionists... 
and all of our technology tools and resources are teamed together, 
working directly with you to help guide you and your family towards living your best life.
What makes ʻEkahi Health so unique?
What are you doing to make sure you and your family are healthy so you can enjoy life together, both today and tomorrow?

At ʻEkahi Health, we believe health care should be more than about simply responding to needs as they arise, but a proactive approach to helping you enjoy the most fulfilling life possible.
Putting You Back in Charge of Your Health
Taking care of your health can be intimating, complicated, and at times, scary. What is it costing you to keep putting off the health care solutions you know you need? 

Connect with ʻEkahi today and experience how Empowered Care can truly change the rest of your life!
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